The Team at Cleijn Hasselt

The team at Cleijn Hasselt is a rich diversity of ages and professional expertise.

We have 3 units: the first unit (onderbouw groep 1/2), the second unit (middenbouw 3/4/5) and the third unit (bovenbouw 6/7/8).

Our Teachers have support from our Teaching Assistant’s. together they promote the school curriculum giving form and meaning to lessons offering extra support where needed.

There are weekly meetings on Wednesday and or Friday’s, allowing staff to plan, achieve lessons and preparation is given to gather lesson materials needed.

Themes and lessons learnt are discussed throughout the units and there is a sense on all staff being on the same page.

All the castles and help mothers work very hard to ensure the quality and happiness of the school stays a priority.

We have an Internal Therapist Coach that provides coaching and support to our Teachers.

The promotion in the quality of learning with in the Castle the school has professional teachers, Child Psychologist  and Physical Education Teacher we also have a Native Speaker  who is a teaching assistant and supports the ethos of  promoting the English language within the Primary School

The Team is also supported by the Directors Department and Administration Department  the Cleaning Team and the Care takers Team. Not to forget the diversity on talent and professionalism the Parents bring

Due to the fact we feel it is very important that we promote International enterprises for our students our Teachers are following a course moving toward obtaining a diploma in Cambridge English as part of the promotion and quality our team can deliver.