Parents in the hospital!

14 February 2017 | Suzanne

The children from the First Unit have over the last 5 weeks worked on a Themed activity around Health and Welfare. Today they have had the summary and last day of their Activity. All the people they felt would be interested received an invitation to come and look at their Hospital. Over the last 5weeks the children have learned and put into practice about the Hospital. They have been in a Ambulance, a real Doctor came and gave all our cuddly toys a check-up. The Children then gave their Parent and Carers a tour of the class and explained what they had learnt. The Parents and Carers then were taken into the in-between Castle Room where they had set up a small hospital. Parents and Carers had a check-up performed by the children and where needed made better. We all enjoyed shearing this with family and carers of the children it was a lovely day