School song

Primary School Cleijn Hasselt has its own school song. We have translated this into English in keeping of the message the song is bringing to everyone.


Cleijn Hasselt  that’s who we are.
And we
certainly belong
The best School is the our School
Cleijn Hasselt,
Cleijn Hasselt is who we are.

Our school is in the Hasselt
For more than 100 years
The school and the parish
they belong together
First there were Monks
But that time is now passed
But one thing has stayed in the communinty
and that is us



We walk from the Goirke
Nearly to the Chapel
to the Stone Room
you know the one we ment
the gates are open
so come on in
for young and old  a fantastic school
Yes thats who we are


We are going to stay in the Hasselt
For another 100 years or more
Even if we may be different from each other
We belong together
It feels like everyone here
is part of my family Familie is van mij
The youth have the future
The future thats who we are

(chores 2x)