Mission and vision

Cleijn Hasselt, Learning without boundaries

Kevin is in the 7th grade of  the primary school Cleijn Hasselt. Together with the students from the 8th grade he is working on a project “Be your own boss.” By asking goal based questions and making independent choices the students are learning how to progress and be dynamic, with in their chosen projects. This approach should contribute in the future to opening up the world for them and at the same time the recognition to do what they are good at with confidence and  the determination to succeed. Kevin’s father is self-employed; he is contractor, and there is not a lot of time at home to talk about school. Kevin’s parent’s aspirations are that Kevin can go on from school to learn a trade to secure work in the future but something has changed. Kevin is more enthusiastic and even excited about school and his Parents want to know why?

I learn I teach I grow every day

Kevin explained why he was so enthusiastic with school “We have English at school, and there are all kinds of people paying visits to our school to tell the class about their business and we often work in groups with children from different grades to do projects, Kevin continues. “We are discussing sports that we are not so familiar with. That is super cool, because then we can Skype with children in South Africa and learn more about cricket. They have taught us about the rules and how to score points. Did you know that there is no grass growing in the middle of a cricket pitch? They call the pitch. Our teacher says we should all learn to pitch, to conquer our own place in the world. The children in South Africa asked us if we could send them some cricket caps as they do not have any. They would like the Caps to have their school name and the words; “We are the champions”

Next week our group are going to the textile museum to see if they can help with the caps for our new friends. The money which we earn by selling stuff on the Internet and at the Fair in Hasseltstraat, will go towards any payments so we are kind of being our “Own boss, remember?”

Enterprising Education

It is not only Kevin that is happy by the new ways and changes of our curriculum at the Cleijn Hasselt All of the other students, the team, including Parents are really positive. Our new approach is to promote the ideals, dreams and aspirations of Students, allowing Students  to complete targets on an independent level in a progressive manner and realising their individuality and potential Giving  Students responsibilities  to support  the growth of self-confidence and to install and innovative approach to tasks at hand. The teachers also have the same free hand and can use their own strengths to encourage students to become more enterprising and independent. The  teachers do have a responsibility to ensure results and achievements are documented to ensure there is a record of development for each student. Where needed to give support and encouragement. If we are to be an enterprising school we must be prepared to look further afield than Tilburg. Networking in a wider spectrum so we can continue Learn, Teach and Grow, One of our mottos are, to look further afield, to network to support solutions, and to gain awareness of different ways of approaching projects to maximise the outcome and profit margins.

Glory to our Kings and Queens

Our school Cleijn Hasselt believes that all our Students have their own special talents. In the right environment the Students can naturally evolve and gain the capacity make their mark in the world. Each Child is a world class Student. Within our School community we have high expectations and we promote independence and accountability in thinking, planning and achieving. Our Students are the directors of their own lives, they are the Kings or Queens within their own castles. The idea of giving classrooms the names Castles has a purpose because the metaphor ‘’Castle’’  brings the feeling of protection within its walls where the Students can learn to be innovative and encouraged to explore the world around them as if it were second nature to them.  For the most part Students have foundations already set from family and home life, Cleijn Hasselt endeavours to develop and to utilise this further with the families support which plays a major role in the Students developments. This works as a Team and with a Team of Students Parents and School Teams not forgetting outside professionals and tradesmen/women.

-We learn without boundaries, we gain a better knowledge, knowledge is power.-

We start with the Future today

We are convinced that Children can create their own reality when they are encouraged and have the confidence to work independently. Our task is to ensure we give the right knowledge to widen the children’s opportunities giving them a feeling of pride, wellbeing and self-worth to enable them to discover the wider world. We want to encourage young people to have the confidence to be innovative and also work well in a team towards a brighter future.

Learning by doing

Jolien, Fleur, Samir and Kevin are working on the Cricketcaps project and looking at a concept to meet the wishes of the children in Africa. They will gather all information around how much it well cost to make and then work out for how much they will need to make on sales to achieve this task. They will give their enterprise a name and think of way to advertise their action to get as much support as possible. They will also look at using the media, Facebook and word of mouth within and outside the community. The team will also visit other students to get input and to empower brainstorming.

They will learn how to set up a webpage to enable the sale of items through the internet. Students at Cleijn Hasselt are going places. We are innovative and know what we want to achieve

What you can do, is in demand

Going to school has never been so nice, You are noticed, You count, You can show what you are capable off. Most of all it does not matter what you can, it  could be Arts and Crafts, Singing, Building, English, Gardening or Selling Hot Dogs. Just as long as you are learning what you need to know in a fun manner. Most of all you believe in yourself because (if you believe it you can achieve it.)

At the Cleijn Hasselt we connect worlds together to let you shine and be the best you can be. (you have got the whole world at your feet)