There is a Primary School called the Cleijn Hasselt

Primary School Cleijn Hasselt has a rich history even though the school has had some name changes.

The wonderful school building in the Hasseltstraat dates back to 1901 and was built as a primary school. Three years before  the Hasselts Church was built. On the 26th May 1901 the school opened with a big party , In those early days Cleijn Hasselt was Boys only school spread over 4 groups. The Boys were given lessons by the Friairs. The school was called Sint Antonius Boys School.

The year 1911 Girls were allowed to receive lessons from the Sisters. The Girls were taught in a building on the other side of the road, the building was called Sint Vincentus Girls School that building does not exist anymore. It wasn’t until 1971, that the school mixed girls and boys to have lessons together in the same building which is now known as the Cleijn Hasselt.

In 1968  there was a large fire within the school which was thankfully put out on time. In 1975 the infant school and the small gym building were built. The infant school and the primary school were still apart. It was not until 1985 that the infant school officially merged with the primary school. The school went by the name of Hasselt Primary School. In 2004 the school received a total refurbishing.

In 2006 Hasselt Primary School merged with the primary school  Goirke. It was in 2006 when our School took the name Cleijn Hasselt Primary school. Where did the name come from?  Firstly Parents and Students together picked the name. Cleijn Hasselt. This was the name of the area between the Hasselt’s Chapel, the church ’t Goirke and the castle from Tilburg (which goes under the name of Stenen Karmerpark) Nowadays  the area is called the Parrish Hasselt. You can find some of the history in our school son and see a picture of a castle.