Miss Jeske and Mister Rick on a studytrip

14 juni 2017 | Hester Bax

After a trip of seven hours on the coach, we arrived at Canterbury. We had a first look at the British culture. All of the students and teachers had to speak English from that moment. It was a switch to make, but after a few hours we were settled with this fact.

After the visit to Canterbury, we drove to Oxford where everybody was dropped at his hostfamily.
What we experienced and heard from others, the families are very kind and sweet.
On Wednesday the students had their first English lessons at the embassy of Oxford. In the afternoon we had Theatre workshops, that was really interesting and fun! We did learn some interesting energizers to do in our classes.
On Thursday the students had their second lesson and after that we had a cricket workshop. Very British, a lot of fun!
On Friday we attended some lessons, so we can see what the students actually learn. Later that day, we went  on a walking tour through Oxford.
We had a lot of fun, but we also missed you!

Miss Jeske and mister Rick