Adventure Monkey is visiting Australia

22 August 2019 | Monique de Lange

This summer Monkey went to Australia.

He went with Miss Melissa’s friend. First a nice visit to Melbourne and after that he visited a special school. Monkey spent a week at the Warragul & District Specialist School. This is a school specifically for students who have an intellectual disability. Students can start at the school the year they turn 5, and they can stay until the end of the year they turn 18. Students here are all learning different skills. Some are learning to talk or to communicate with pictures or an IPad. Some are learning to read and write, and some are learning life skills so that they might be able to live on their own or might be able to have a job. This week he will return, we can’t wait to see him again. After a short Dutch visit he is going to travel to Slovakia to meet Miss Monika and her pupils.